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ozone gel

ozone gel

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Contains no additives. Comes with an information leaflet. 

OZONE GEL's Topical applications have been found to be very useful for hair loss, dry skin, exzema, psoriasis, seborrhea, atheletes foot, acne, burns, candida, infections, rashes, fungal growths, mycosis, skin ulcers, herpes, sunburn, insect bites cuts and scapes, diaper rash, wrinkles and as a beauty aid. In addition it is very useful for dealing with various problems in animals. It can be applied directly to cuts and incisions or fed to them. 

Aquazone's custom made Ozone creme is made by bubbling Ozone & medical grade oxygen through high-quality olive oil for 2-3 weeks. The final result is a gooey substance that is the solve-all health creme of the future!  

The use of medical ozone is not new and ozone is a naturally occuring molecule and healthful gas. In 1740, Scholbein discovered ozone and in 1891 the molecular composition was modelled. Observation soon revealed that ozone reacted with and destroyed bacteria, virus, and other organisms, that it has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties without irritating effects. During the First World War the application of ozone to war wounds served primarily as a disinfectant.  

Olive oil has been used for centuries to restore a youthful suppleness to the skin. It is also the only medium that will preserve ozone for an extended period of time. When ozone is bubbled through extra virgin oil continuously for about 2 weeks, the olive oil becomes a paste or salve holding the ozone in suspension without the olive oil being oxidized. This gel we call OZONE GEL and it has many uses. When used during deep lymphatic massage, the ozone enters the tissue and oxidizes lactic acid and other toxins.  

Makes a great gift also, if you want to get a few or more, let us know. 

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