Ozone is produced in the air by the crashing of the waves in the ocean and as such became a fashionable name for cafes and hotels that sprung up everywhere around the turn of the century due to the widely known health benefits.

The Ozone Hotel and Restaurant pictured here was built in 1914, snapped just north of the pier at New Brighton, Christchurch. Unfortunately it has now been demolished as was badly damaged from the Christchurch earthquakes.

Ozone is made from oxygen, which makes up water, air, earth and is at all levels a part of life. As we need oxygen to breathe and live, oxygen is more a part of our life than anything. Remember, oxygen is in water we need to live, and water comprises 85% of our body. We are walking ozonators as every cell in our body produces Ozone for its essential metabilism. Ozone can be applied to clean the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, or kill the viruses that harm us. It is also being applied to many industrial applications.

What is Ozone??Ozone is 3 or more OXYGENS O3, O4, O5, O6...........       

When most people think of ozone, they picture the layer high in the earth's outer atmosphere that protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays, but this bluish gas, which sometimes can be detected as a fresh smell after a thunderstorm, is actually a valuable tool with a variety of down to earth uses. Ozone gas (03) is a naturally occurring tri-atomic form of oxygen (02) that is formed as sunlight passes through the atmosphere or when streaks through the air. It can be generated artificially by passing high voltage electricity through air (corona discharge), causing oxygen to break apart and recombine in the tri-atomic form. Because oxygen naturally seeks its normal state, ozone is high energy unstable, highly reactive form of oxygen. Ozone is effective as a disinfectant at relatively low concentrations and does not leave toxic by products similar to those related to chlorination.Some quick ozone facts:

Ozone is "active oxygen" - an ozone molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms.

Ozone is healthy and environmentally safe.

Ozone is created in nature from oxygen in the air by ultraviolet rays of the sun or by the corona or electrical discharge during a lightning storm. The Ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the earth from deadly radiation and there is a small amount of ozone in the air we breathe.

Ozone has a clean, fresh scent often noticed after a rainstorm.

As an oxidizer, ozone is 500 times as powerful as chlorine and 3,000 times as fast at killing bacteria and other microbes.

Ozone is a powerful oxidiser and oxidises hydrogen sulphides, iron, manganese and most chlorinated hydrocarbons and eliminates soaps and oils.

Ozone is a natural purifier and destroys bacteria, viruses, cysts, yeasts, moulds and mildew and fungus.

Ozone is a by product of oxygen, it does not leave any chemical taste or smell, it will not cause any personal discomfort or irritation.

Ozone is the alternative water purifier to traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine and keeps the water fresh, clean and sparkling clear.

Ozone is not a carcinogen (like the chlorine and chloramines formed in your spa with chlorine use) and will not irritate, dry out or leave a chemical film on your skin; or damage and discolour your hair. In fact it is healthy to bath in.

The first commercial use of ozone was in a municipal water system in 1906. Ozone is now used by a wide variety of industries worldwide, including natural health, wastewater plants, water parks, zoos, aquariums, food manufacturing, wineries and water bottling as well as commercial and residential swimming and spa pools.



In the early 1990s there were no ozone generators available for spas here that i could find so i imported one for my spa, so i would not have endure the poisonous effects of chlorine. i had some trouble with it and after examining it i decided i could design and make a much better reliable one which I did perhaps my Electronics Engineering degree helped. Some time later after reading about the Medical uses I tried one of my spa units, which I was selling by this time. I was astonished that a bad case of shingles vanished in just a few days as well as a chronic hepatitis condition I picked up while studying meditation in the Himalayas. I also found out that it was true that the only side effect was that of never getting colds or flues ever again. I can honestly say that for 19 years or so i haven't gotten sick while able to access my weekly dose.  So of course i started making Medical Spec units for others.  In 2018 as part of a 6 year de facto settlement i gave away the business. However she changed her mind and eventually she took a large amount of money instead, which i had to borrow. Now she is importing only foreign made equipment and has increased prices.  So I am back supplying quality ozone related products at the lowest possible prices because we feel the need is there for them and want to make them more available and affordable.

 Here at Aquazone we are continually amazed at how Ozone can be used to fix - well just about everything! Whether it is to heal our bodies with ozone therapy or a broad range of skin ailments with the Amazing Natural Healing Gel range, using water ozonators and its potent disinfecting power, or keeping the air clean with our ozone air purifiers.

As we strongly believe that ozone applications can offer many environmental, sustainable, economical and health benefits, we are dedicated and passionate about making ozone products and solutions available commercially and domestically. We do this by harnessing the power of ozone, one of natures most powerful cleaning agents, and turning it into a solution that is right for your business or household. This includes ozone generators for water, air purification and bringing ozone therapy into homes."

                                                                                       Ron Brooks




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At Aquazone, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We guarantee all our products for one year and will repair or replace free. In addiition to that we can service your machine anytime after that for a small charge as they are all made by us here in New Zealand unlike our competitors. Please contact us with any other thoughts or questions.


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03 304 8730 (no reception for mobile phones here) but when i am in town 027 641 5346

110 Mchales Rd, Rd3 Akaroa 7583

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